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Approach to Disaster Area
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Essentials of Community
Health Nursing Activities in the Disaster Area

1)Activity Principles

(1) The major objective of activities is to keep survivors as healthy as they were before the disaster
(2)Regard talking with each disaster victim as important
(3)Define the specific activities to carry out and work in a systematic manner
(4)Ensures cooperation not only with medical workers but also with heath, welfare and educational stuffs

2)Activities after the Initial Operation Phase

(1) Disaster victims tend to be isolated after leaving the evacuation center. ?Be sure to visit them door-to-door after they return their home
(2)Promote activities to identify victims’ health needs
(3)A local support network will be necessary from the middle phase of activities and thereafter

3)How to Conduct and Develop Activities

(1)In conducting activities, be sure to identify and? integrate the needs of local residents and reflect these needs in future activities
(2) Be sure to communicate information obtained from the disaster management office to all disaster victims. When disaster victims can’t get information, tell to the disaster management office

Information Base for Disaster Nursing Knowledge and Skills to Protect Lives
Useful manuals
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Useful manuals Tips on Nursing Volunteer Activities
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